The Free Speech Club was founded on the campus of UBC, in October 2016. At the time, our organization was a tiny club, and we were known as the “UBC Free Speech Club” With hard work and dedication, the club grew from just a handful of members to thousands. We now are a national organization that is dedicated to hosting events all over the country and on every University Campus!

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Our founder

The UBC Free Speech Club was founded by Louis Jung, a student who moved to Vancouver from Korea in September to attend a program at UBC.

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our team

Today, the National FSC has a strong and united team:

  • Angelo Isidorou, Director and Chief Operations Officer

  • Cooper Asp, Director and Chief Information Officer

Our UBC Team:

  • Noah David-Alter, President

  • Erika Acuzar, Vice-President

  • Rebecca King, Executive

  • Jake Reznik, Executive